Clients Served

BGIA offers best-in-class brokerage and risk management services for public entities. BGIA operates as an extension of your organization, providing clients with technical and administrative services in the assessment of risk and design of safety and other loss control strategies.

BGIA delivers direct and personalized service to each client. Through effective communications, BGIA provides precise evaluation, design and implementation of programs that are appropriate for a public entity.

By combining Errors & Omissions, Property & Casualty and Risk Management services in a single source solution, you are gaining a business partner that takes a holistic approach to saving you money and protecting your assets. This translates into the broadest coverage at the lowest possible cost.

We offer customized business insurance products for the following industries:

States: State Government, State Commissions, State Authorities, State Agencies, Cooperative Purchasing Partnerships



Counties: County Government, County Authorities, County Commissions, Prisons



Municipalities: Cities, Towns, Townships, Boroughs, Villages



Schools: Public School Districts, Charter Schools, Private Independent Schools, Community Colleges



Special Districts: Water Utilities, Sewer Utilities, Housing Authorities, Improvement Authorities, Transit Authorities, Airport Authorities, Port Authorities



Not-for-Profit Entities: Community Groups, Museums, Historical Societies, Social Service Providers, Trade and Professional Associations, Foundations and Charities, Libraries, Civic Organizations, Community Development Corporations, Public Broadcasting Stations, Performing Arts Organizations